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Tony Levin
Matt Butterman
Ari Hoening
Dave Liebman
Hilliard Green
Johannes Weidenmueller

Jazz Department

From its inception, TAMABA has strongly believed in acknowledging the Jazz specialization within our higher education courses.


The Jazz Department, which is made up of teachers who areleading figures both in the local and international jazz scene, offers the best environment for studying this complex genre, with the utmost accuracy and being fully aware of its tradition and current tendencies.


TAMABA is a member of IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz), generating a fruitful environment for knowledge exchange and allowing our students to enter academic exchange programs with other Jazz-related institutions.


TAMABA Jazz students havethe opportunity to play in orchestras and ensembles in well-known venues in the local jazz scene.In addition, our Institute offers them the possibility ofrecording in our own studios with renowned artists.


The Jazz Department has anannual program of visitors offering workshops and master classes with famous artists and teachers, which allows students to meet the greatest musicians of today. We also invite teachers who come to TAMABA every year to offer clinics and take part in different activities.
Official Degree: Professional Musician specializing in the instrument of choice or Professional Singer.



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